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Friday, August 17th, 2018
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Welcome to the New Albany Borough, a local government municipality located in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. This site is dedicated to providing residents and visitors with vital information about our community. Please feel free to contact us with comments and questions regarding information posted on this site.



Ok folks, I’m going to try stating this as nicely as possible; if you don’t “absolutely, gotta, have’ta, emergency” have to be there, STAY HOME. Just because it’s a sunny day, the roads are still crap, the bridges are undermined, and debris is everywhere.

People trying to get to Overton, do not take Overton Road! As of 12 noon, Wednesday (as I write this) Overton Road is completely blocked. Half the street is just plain gone and the other half has a very large pile of clay and rocks blocking it. That’s only right here in the borough. God only knows how bad it is another mile up. The state bridge on Overton Road is mostly undermined on both sides. We do not need any more large trucks going over it just to hit the barrier and come back down. From what I have heard from EMS, travel between New Albany and Overton can be done via Hatch Hill Road.

Anyone traveling between Towanda and Dushore on RT 220, find an alternate route. There are several Road Closed signs on 220 that drivers are just ignoring. Route 220 between New Albany and Monroeton is CLOSED. It is quite clearly marked on the Monroeton side. County will be putting up more signs as resources become available.

A word to the wise to anyone traveling in southern Bradford County the next few days, when going over bridges or any road next to a stream or gully; just because you can see asphalt on top does NOT mean there is anything underneath supporting it. I can attest that most bridges in and around New Albany Borough have severe undermining. We have witnessed several large tractor-trailers traveling North on 220 through town and cringe as the bridge on 220 (by what’s left of the library) shudders under the weight. If this keeps up, it may collapse too.

In summary: if you do not have to travel today, just stay home.

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